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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Geodetic Engineering

Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines Inc. Song
A Geodetic Engineer is a person who gathers physical data upon the surface of the earth using precision instruments and also processes the information in a scientific and methodical manner in the forms of plans, graphs, sheets etc.
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BS in Geodetic Engineering in the Philippines
The Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering program provides knowledge, skills and relevant experience to students in the fundamentals of surveying and mapping work, geodesy, remote sensing, geographic information systems and oceanography. It also focuses on the laws of public lands and natural resources, land registration laws, obligations and contracts and professional ethics.
What are the admission requirements for BS in Geodetic Engineering in the Philippines?

·         Must have recommendation from High School Principal and Guidance Counselor
·         Must have a copy of NSO Authenticated marriage contract (if married)
·         Must have most recent medical and dental health record
·         Must take and pass the college entrance examination
·         Must have NSO authenticated birth certificate
·         Must have certificate of good moral character
·         Must have high School report card (form 138)
·         Must have recent 2x2 colored pictures

How long does it take to complete BS in Geodetic Engineering in the Philippines?

The Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering takes 5 years to complete.
What subjects are included in the BS in Geodetic Engineering program?

·         Adjustment Computations for Spatial Data Analysis
·         Adjustment Computation for Geodetic Applications
·         Mathematical Methods in Geodetic Engineering
·         Remote Sensing: Theory and Applications
·         Vertical and Gravity Network Laboratory
·         Horizontal Control Network Laboratory
·         Contracts, Surveying Laws and Ethics
·         Construction & Industrial Surveying
·         Earth’s Gravity and Geoid Modelling
·         Land Development and Valuation
·         Satellite Positioning Systems
·         GIS Theory and Applications
·         Modern Photogrammetry
·         Laws on Natural Resources
·         Geodetic Control Network
·         Hydrographic Surveying
·         Geospatial Engineering
·         Elementary Surveying
·         Land Registration Law
·         Astronomic Geodesy
·         Introduction to OOP
·         Seminar in Geodetic
·         General Surveying
·         Digital Cartography
·         Geoinformatics
·         Land Surveying
·         Earth Trek

What exam do I need to take to practice geodetic engineering in the Philippines?

In order to practice the profession in the Philippines, a graduate has to pass the Geodetic Engineer Licensure Examination. The examination is given by the Board of Geodetic Engineering under the supervision of the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).
What are the requirements for admission to the Geodetic Engineer Licensure Examination?

·         Must be a holder of a bachelor’s degree of geodetic engineering with academic credits on required subjects from a university recognized by the Philippine government.
·         Must have a copy of the Transcript of Records with Special order and date of graduation with remarks “FOR BOARD EXAMINATION PURPOSES ONLY”
·         Must not have any case filed or pending for moral turpitude in any court in the Philippines that involves moral turpitude
·         Must have a copy of the NSO authenticated birth certificate
·         Must be a citizen of the Philippines
·         Must be of good moral character

What are the passing rates of the Licensure Examination for Geodetic Engineers in the Philippines?

·         2010 – 39% (154 out of 400)
·         2009 – 36% (172 out of 468)
·         2008 – 34% (135 out of 386)
·         2007 – 40% (170 out of 423)
·         2006 – 35% (148 out of 414)

What are the career opportunities of BS in Geodetic Engineering in the Philippines?

·         Geographic information system supervisor
·         Marketing computer hardware specialist
·         Realty management Consultant
·         Mapping and Surveying Staff
·         Consultant in Foreign-funded
·         Land registration Consultant
·         Government positions
·         Surveying Consultant
·         Private practice
·         Academician
·         Researcher

Top Geodetic Engineering Schools in the Philippines, based on the results of the September 2011 Geodetic Engineer Licensure Exam:

(Passing Rate = No.of Passers / No. of Examinees)

Passing                  Schools                            No. of Passers / No. of Examinees

100.00%    University of the Philippines - Diliman    13/13
100.00%    Negros Oriental State University - Dumaguete    5/5
100.00%    Bulacan National Agricultural State College   3/3
100.00%    Caraga State University Cabadbaran, Agusan Del Sur    1/1
100.00%    Notre Dame Of Marbel University   1/1
83.33%      Visayas State University - Baybay   10/12
66.67%      Northern Mindanao State Institute of Science & Technology    4/6
50.00%      Andres Bonifacio College    2/4
50.00%      Saint Louis University    1/2

47.62%     Eastern Visayas State University - Tacloban  10/21
45.45%     Tarlac College of Agriculture 5/11
42.86%     University of Saint Louis - Tuguegarao  6/14

36.36%     John Paul II College   8/22
35.00%     University of Southern Philippines   7/20
33.33%     University of Bohol   5/15
33.33%     Naga College Foundation   2/6
33.33%     La Salle University (Immaculate Concepcion La Salle)  1/3
33.33%     University of Northeastern Philippines  1/3
29.17%     Western Mindanao State University - Zamboanga City   7/24
25.00%     Saint Paul University - Tuguegarao   1/4
25.00%     University of Rizal System - Pililla   1/4
23.91%     FEATI University   11/46
23.08%     Mountain Province State Polytechnic College - Tadian   3/13
23.08%     Saint Louis College of San Fernando   3/13 
20.00%     Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation - Lucena City  1/5
20.00%     Southern Mindanao Colleges  1/5
18.75%     Northeastern College   6/32
18.75%     Baguio Central University   3/16
18.18%     University of Northern Philippines - Vigan   2/11
18.18%     University of the Cordilleras    2/11
17.65%     Araullo University  3/17
14.29%     Cagayan de Oro College  2/14

0.00%      Lyceum of Aparri   0/2
0.00%      Northern College  0/1
0.00%      Saint Mary's University  0/1

FEATI University
College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering

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